Presenting India's finest concrete water storage tanks. Made with care in our modern factory and built to last a lifetime!
alternative Made with high grade concrete
alternative High durability
alternative Monolithically Cast
alternative No harmful emissions even exposed to extreme sun
alternative 100% Safe
alternative Can be relocated easily

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Concrete underground water storage sump

S.No Description Capacity Length Width Height Wall Thick
1 Concrete sump 3000L 6'-6.5" 3'-7.5" 7'-0" 4"
2 Concrete sump 5000L 8'-7" 4'-10" 6'-2" 4"
3 Concrete sump 10000L 9'-4.5" 7'-5" 7'-6" 5"


Made with M40 grade Self compacting concrete used

Maintains hygiene

Highly durable

Better taste for water

Quickly Installation

Monolithically Cast

Super affordable

GFRP underground and overhead Water storage sump

S.No Description Capacity Length Diameter
1 GFRP Sump 2000L 8'-0" 3'-6"
2 GFRP Sump 5000L 10'-3" 5'-0"
3 GFRP Sump 10000L 13'-10.5" 6'-0"


Made with glass fiber reinforced polymer

Quickly Installation

Corrosion Resistance


High Strength to Weight Ratio

Light weight material easy to handling

Non-Conductive/EMI and RFI Transparency

Can be relocated or shifted easily

Happy Clients

I recently installed this Sumptex concrete water storage tank and I feel safer now without any harmful emissions.


Satisfied with a highly durable concrete tank. Great customer care support and on time installation.

Arun Balaji

Right from the enquiry to installation, they provided excellent customer care support. Good product with great benefits!Thanks to Sumptex.

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